Proxy Sniffer

Proxy Sniffer 5.0

Proxy Sniffer is a tool for performing professional web load and stress tests

Proxy Sniffer ™ is a leading tool for performing professional web load and stress tests. This high-performance tool is easy to use and enables you to run realistic load tests with many thousands of virtual web users. Proxy Sniffer can be installed on Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X systems.
An near-perfect simulation of concurrent web users can be generated, either from your local systems or from our cloud-based load generators. All test results are clearly presented in form of significant charts and tables.
Proxy Sniffer ™ is especially suited for testing the performance of:
- Web Shops
- Web Portals
- Online Banking Applications
- C2B and B2B Web Services
Key Features:
- Universal HTTP(S) Proxy Recorder and Integrated Web Crawler
- Powerful GUI
- Wide-Ranging Support of Web Standards
- Realistic Test Scenarios
- Automatic Protection from "false positive" Measurement Results
- Detailed Real-Time Statistics and Support for Real-Time Error Analysis
- In-Depth Measurements
- PDF Reports and Test Result Comparisons
- Concurrent Load Test Execution
- Real-Time Comments
- Backtrack of Every HTTP(S) Request
- Scheduling of Load Tests
- E-Mail and SMS Alerts during Load Test Execution
- Full Support for Shell Scripting of Load Test Jobs
- Cluster Technology
- Support for Conditional Execution of Web Pages and Support for Waiting Loops
- Expandability of the Product by using Self-Created Plug-Ins
You can test the performance of any web application, and any web application server such as Apache, IIS, SharePoint, Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere and ColdFusion.

Realistic load and stress tests can also be performed through a load balancer in front of a web server farm by assigning multiple IP addresses to the load generators.

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